Why do we says "a perfect, tailored, bespoke shoe"?

It is not a simple custom-made shoe.

 Your right shoe is the result of more than 50,000 measuring points.

And your left shoe? Also.

What is different?

Shoemakers usually do it in a standard way: they will offer you a range of sizes you have to fit.

If you have already experienced the small craftsman, you will have seen that he will take your measurements with a tape measure, draw the profile of your foot and take a few other manual circumferences.

Unlike all others, we create a 3-D cast of your two feet using more than 50,000 measuring points.

In practice, we virtually subdivide your foot into 50,000 small surfaces to reconstruct its shape.

From this 3 D shape, our craftsmen will create your exclusive custom-made shoe.

The result is a perfect, timeless shoe that embraces your feet and makes you walk on a cloud: psychophysical well-being to the nth degree.